5 Dispensary Marketing Ideas to Increase Online & Retail Sales

Looking for marketing ideas to boost your dispensary’s e-commerce and retail sales? You’ve come to the right place!

5 Dispensary Marketing Ideas to Increase Online & Retail Sales

Whether new to marketing a dispensary or a seasoned pro, these dispensary marketing ideas will help you increase your online and local visibility. As your traffic from organic search improves, so will your online revenue.

With a local SEO focus, you can ensure your dispensary gets in front of the right people in your city or town at the right time. By capturing the searcher’s intent and providing solutions to their queries, you’ll be able to increase your dispensary’s foot traffic and sales.

Ready to increase your dispensary’s brand awareness, organic website traffic, and overall revenue? Keep reading to learn more about dispensary marketing ideas to ignite growth.

420 Marketing Ideas to Fuel Your Success

1. Dispensary SEO Strategy Implementation: Local SEO

Local SEO is an integral part of any dispensary marketing plan. Optimizing your website and local listings for relevant keywords ensures your dispensary is visible to people searching for dispensaries near you.

This also impacts online revenue directly.

Encouraging your product pages to rank higher than the competition’s product pages leads to more revenue. The goal is to ensure your customers find your marijuana products before they find your competitors.

For effective dispensary SEO, you’ll need a blog content marketing strategy. This increases organic search traffic and expands online visibility, ultimately leading to more revenue.

Most people interested in purchasing cannabis in your geographic area will use Google. This is how most people conduct research before making a purchase decision. A local SEO and keyword strategy will encourage your site to appear first for relevant keywords.

Unlike other dispensary marketing methods, local SEO for dispensary marketing does not come with restrictions. It’s possible to organically obtain organic traffic from Google search with the right strategy creation and implementation.

Ranking content on Google can give your site organic traffic for years. The ROI here has limitless potential, which makes this an avenue worth investing in.

And let’s not forget that the cost for professional dispensary SEO is significantly less than running pay-per-click through Google Ads campaigns!

2. Dispensary Giveaways/New Customer Incentives

Running a dispensary giveaway or offering new customer incentives is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and organic traffic in your local area.

When you offer a prize, it’s essential to ensure the contest’s mechanics are easy for people to understand. The entry process should be straightforward.

Make sure the prize you’re offering is something people in your target market would be interested in. Offering a prize irrelevant to your target market won’t do you any good.

BOGO or Buy One Get One Free deals are always popular and can help you increase sales while acquiring new customers. These events encourage purchases by enticing customers with twice as much product for the price of one.

The goal is to show the customer they’re getting an excellent deal that can’t be found elsewhere. This attracts first-time customers and encourages returning customers.

3. Partner with Local Cannabis-Friendly Businesses

Joint ventures are a great way to cross-promote complementary businesses in your area. For example, if you have a dispensary, you could partner with a nearby smoke shop or vape store.

You can also partner with local businesses that don’t sell cannabis but are still friendly to the industry. This could be a clothing store, art gallery, or even a non-profit organization.

The key here is to find businesses that share a similar target market to yours. For example, selling high-end cannabis products wouldn’t want to partner with a discount store. But yoga studios, wineries, craft breweries, smoothie bars, and other businesses could be good opportunities for cross-promotions.

This type of partnership is beneficial for both businesses involved. You can promote each other to your customer base, which leads to more revenue for both businesses.

4. Cultivate the Experience

The experience you provide customers is just as necessary as the product you sell. Customers want to feel welcome, comfortable and appreciated when they visit your dispensary.

First impressions matter, so having a clean, well-designed store is essential. The layout should be easy to navigate, and products should be clearly displayed.

Your staff should be friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They should be able to answer customer questions about your products.

You should also have a loyalty program in place to reward customers for their business. This could be a points-based system or a discount for returning customers.

Furthermore, focus on creating experiences worth sharing. If you can create Instagramable moments at your dispensary, you’ll increase organic eyes on your business.

5. Encourage Online Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews are crucial for any business, but they’re especially important for dispensaries. Dispensary marketing isn’t as effective if you’re not getting good reviews online.

People trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. In fact, 86% of people read online reviews for local businesses. This percentage is even more significant in the 18 to 34 age group at 95%.

More than half of consumers will not shop at a business with less than four stars. Thus, if your dispensary does not have good online customer reviews, it could miss out on significant revenue.

Word of mouth and personal recommendations encourage traffic to local dispensaries. This is also one of the quickest methods for new customer acquisition.

Having a system to request, encourage, enhance, and increase referrals and online customer reviews is pivotal to dispensary marketing. The goal here is to get happy customers to tell their friends, friends to tell their friends, and so on.

Incentivize local reviews for dispensary marketing success. For instance, for customers who refer or recommend your dispensary, you can offer a store credit, gift, or something else of value. You can do the same for customers who leave online reviews on Google.

NSC to Implement Your Dispensary Marketing Ideas

Marketing dispensaries to encourage sales is challenging. With advertising restrictions on local cannabis retail stores, navigating these restrictions comes with nuances.

The team at No Strings Content has decades of combined experience marketing cannabis businesses. We understand what it takes to stay compliant while getting your dispensary the attention it deserves.

As a dispensary marketing agency, we perform local SEO for dispensaries and focus on keyword strategy, on-page SEO content creation and copywriting, and link building to increase traffic to dispensary websites.

Contact us today for more information on our services or to request a quote! We’re ready to help you grow in this budding space.

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