cannabis companies advertise on google

Can Cannabis Companies Advertise On Google? One Entrepreneur’s Success


Can Cannabis Companies Advertise On Google? Some Can!

cannabis companies market on google

Cannabis companies can advertise on Google, right? Sometimes.

Unfortunately, we're still seeing discrimination against the cannabis space.

The fact of the matter is that some cannabis entrepreneurs are missing out on this valuable platform.

In this article, we'll discuss Google AdWords, the success one cannabis service provider is having, and some alternative marketing strategies you can implement.

Google AdWords: The Basics

Google AdWords is a paid advertising system that auctions higher listings in Google’s search results.

While this platform can be tricky to navigate, I’ll go over the basics here.

You’ll input some keywords you’d like your business to show up in the search results for.

Once you do this, you'll set a bid to get your site to appear in the search results for those keywords.

The platform then raises your business to the top of the list of search results, sending you targeted traffic to your site.

Each time your ad gets clicked, you're paying.

If you're in a competitive niche, each click costs more money.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is making business owners serious returns on their investments across a plethora of niches.

But with Google’s restrictions, the cannabis industry doesn't always have the option to promote on this platform.

However, some companies, as you'll see in this article, are catering to the cannabis industry and experience impressive success on the Google AdWords platform.

EcoWaste Services: A Cannabis Company Advertising On Google

cannabis companies market on google

Arman Zeytounyan, the owner and operator of EcoWaste Services, knows his way around digital marketing.

While he operates the top cannabis waste disposal service operating in California, he's also focusing on several strategies to find new clients in the cannabis sector.

We reached out to Zeytounyan to see what he has to say about advertising as a service operator catering to this niche:


We’ve found a lot of success with Google Ads! It’s possible that our keywords aren’t directly advertising cannabis, which could be why we’re able to advertise. And it’s been working out really well for us.

Aside from print and a few old school forms of advertising, I feel cannabis brands are going to have a tough time getting out there. The obvious answer is to head towards social media, but even then, you can get your account removed.

I think the best investment for cannabis operations right now is going to be towards people. Referrals are and always will be the best way to get business. Cannabis shops should focus on building their business in unique AND professional ways to earn referrals. Be the shop that everyone is talking about. A more tangible investment is getting your happy customers to leave a Google review.

Weedmaps is great for the industry, but the future will be Google. Eventually, the search engine will want to snatch up the ad revenue, so the best time to start is now. While everyone else is focused on today, optimize for the future with Google in mind.


Even though some entrepreneurs and service providers in the cannabis niche will find success with Google’s PPC advertising platform, Google is limiting cannabis business marketing.

Distributors of cannabis and products relating to the niche (bongs, pipes, extracts) cannot market through Google AdWords at this point.

While Google might allow your business to promote on its platform, some entrepreneurs in the cannabis space aren't so lucky.

But as Mr. Zeytounyan said, optimizing for Google is the long-term play the industry should be focusing on at this point.

cannabis companies market on google

How are you optimizing for Google?

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