Cannabis Marketing Using Organic Strategies


Cannabis Marketing Using Organic Marketing Strategies

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Cannabis marketing efforts can go unnoticed when you’re not focusing on the right things.

With this being the case, knowing these organic cannabis business marketing strategies and how to implement them will work wonders.

Let’s discuss how you can market your CBD products, marijuana lotions, cannabis dispensaries, and more with these organic marketing tactics.

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Instagram Marijuana Marketing

As one of the most visual social media marketing platforms available, your cannabis business should be promoting here.

Posting high-quality images and videos while using appropriate hashtags and geo-locations has the potential to skyrocket your business’s organic exposure.

The great thing about cannabis marketing on Instagram is that it’s an instant way for your brand to market to consumers.

There’s even an in-app shopping feature that sets your page up for e-commerce.

Make Instagram a part of your storefront and increase your brand’s visibility by appearing in Instagram posts and stories.

Keep the following tips and ideas in mind as you promote your business via Instagram:

  • Make daily posts and stories to maintain relevance.

  • Consistently post in your feed and stories. Try using an Instagram post scheduler to ease the burden of constantly posting. You’ll be able to set it and forget it, ensuring your mind is free to focus on other aspects of your canna-business.

  • Compile a list of relevant, popular, and trending hashtags to use on Instagram.

  • Work on establishing brand loyalty. When your customers are loyal to your brand, the competition will have trouble marketing to them.

  • Build brand loyalty with excellent customer service. Make sure you’re responding to messages and comments you receive.

  • Manage your community effectively. Interact with your followers and increase your engagement in the process.

  • Establish responses for any customer service question or situation.

  • Influences and brand ambassadors can be highly valuable. Instagram is an excellent platform to use influencer marketing as the right influences can boost word-of-mouth marketing as well as user-generated content revolving around your brand.
facebook cannabis marketing

Facebook Cannabis Marketing

Quality content curation and social media go hand-in-hand.

So it should come as no surprise that Facebook is an excellent place to post content targeting cannabis consumers and entrepreneurs.

For the 45+ age group, you’re going to find them on Facebook more than Instagram.

Historically speaking, Facebook didn’t allow cannabis business pages and marijuana businesses to come up on their search results.

Since Thursday, October 11, 2018, Facebook finally gave in and facilitated reaching consumers.

Just one week prior to Canada’s recreational cannabis legalization, cannabis enterprises became semi-legitimate in the eyes of the Facebook platform.

Business owners can now maintain their pages, distribute content, and gain followers organically.

Before this decision, cannabis enterprises were having their content deleted off Facebook, along with its sister platform, Instagram.

While canna-companies can now post pictures of marijuana buds, the plants, edibles, and cannabis accessories without having to worry about being banned from Facebook or having their content removed, the limitations still persist.

Facebook and other social media platforms still do not allow the promotion of cannabis.

But even with this being the case, it’s possible for businesses operating in this budding niche to come up with a cannabis content marketing strategy to gain organic traffic.

The new policy Facebook has regarding cannabis gives some freedom to the industry. You can now do the following as a cannabis business marketer on Facebook:

  • Create Facebook Events containing the word “cannabis” and other industry terms.

  • Publish organic posts with industry terms (cannabis, weed, etc.).

  • Create a business page name containing industry-relevant terms.

  • Have and maintain verified pages.

Organic reach on Facebook is super low now. So the majority of your followers will not see your posts organically.

But Facebook's ChatBot can still be a valuable tool to use when it comes to increasing organic reach.

Providing incredible customer service has never been easier. And with older consumers having lots of similar questions regarding CBD, Hemp, THC, and cannabis, you can automate to offer instant answers.

You’ll give your audience a positive customer experience with ease when using Facebook’s ChatBot feature.

These automated responses are sometimes the difference between making an immediate purchase and going somewhere else.

With this in mind, the way chatbots can drive sales will help your business’s organic marketing efforts immensely.

You can also increase engagement on Facebook with discounts and deals. Exclusive cannabis deals for CBD products can spark engagement.

You’ll also increase your brand’s reach when you do this properly.

It’s even possible to use Facebook Messenger to inform your Facebook followers of daily deals and discounts.

guest posting cannabis marketing

Cannabis Guest Posting

While posting to your cannabis blog is important, guest posting is valuable towards marketing efforts as well.

As you expand your reach and establish your site’s domain authority with quality content, you can begin reaching out to other websites for guest posting.

Becoming an authority in the cannabis niche means other websites might want to share your expertise with their audiences.

With this in mind, reach out to related and unrelated sites your target audience is frequenting to see about guest posting.

Lots of cannabis websites will accept guest posts from relevant experts.

So if you’re an expert in the cannabis industry, you can capitalize on your expertise by approaching cannabis industry websites about guest posts.

You’d curate high-quality articles to post on other sites, highlighting questions regarding a topic you can expand upon.

The trade-off here is your site gets a high-quality backlink, adding to your SEO and increasing your brand’s reach.

Referral traffic from guest posts is not uncommon, meaning you can expect some great marketing exposure with these kinds of posts.

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