Cannabis SEO Content Marketing to Dominate

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The cannabis industry is booming, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon! With so many states legalizing marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes, cannabis SEO content marketing has become increasingly competitive. But it’s still possible to rank your cannabusiness for high-volume keywords with the right strategy and implementation!

In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of what cannabis SEO is all about, as well as some tips on how to outrank the competition with cannabis SEO content marketing!

cannabis seo search engine optimization marijuana business

Cannabis Companies & Search Engines

Cannabis companies and search engine optimization should go hand in hand. But why?

For starters, Google isn’t doing anything to ensure your business’s website is ranking for your target keywords. This is where cannabis SEO services can be the move.

Cannabis SEO services aren’t essential. But they make digital marketing easier. Cannabis brands that usually focus on cannabis cultivation, product manufacturing, and retail services don’t need to work on acquiring organic traffic alone; they can invest in cannabis SEO to increase their competitive advantage.

SEO is an excellent digital marketing tactic to expand awareness of your brand, increase targeted web traffic, and get your business ranking higher on search engines. Having a cannabis SEO strategy is pivotal when it comes to crafting a marijuana marketing plan.

But can a content marketing and SEO agency create and implement a potent cannabis SEO strategy on your behalf?

Yes, and this is what we do on behalf of our clients.

cannabis seo dispensary seo cbd seo

Marijuana Dispensary SEO

SEO is becoming increasingly common for marijuana dispensaries. If your marijuana website is appearing on the search engine result pages for target keywords with search intent, you can expect plenty of sales. This is why so many cannabis dispensaries are investing in their SEO strategies.

An SEO strategy outlines the content needed to rank higher and drive organic traffic. But there’s more to it than that. For example, we work on link building to increase our clients’ sites’ domain authority.

SEO for a marijuana dispensary makes the sites rank higher for competitive keywords.

First, we focus on keywords with low keyword difficulty because this drives the initial traffic as the site gains more authority. Then we move on to the more competitive cannabis and CBD-related keywords.

Local SEO is especially important for marijuana dispensaries. While some can focus on foot traffic, foot traffic alone isn’t always enough.

Online sales and putting the dispensary on the front page for certain search queries allow these operations to reach more potential customers.

Since paid advertising isn’t available via most platforms, dispensaries have to be crafty with their SEO strategies.

Cannabis websites don’t have access to the same digital marketing options as other niches. But we can still get these websites ranking on search results pages with proper SEO services.

You’ve likely heard the terms marijuana SEO, dispensary SEO, or cannabis SEO content curation. But regardless of what you call it, search engine optimization is crucial for cannabis businesses.

The goal of SEO is to bring qualified leads to your own website organically and sell them on your cannabis-related products or services. Authoritative content increases the time spent on your site as well, increasing Google love in the process.

Let’s go over some tips to optimize websites to rank in the cannabis niche with a marijuana SEO strategy.

What is Search Engine Optimization for Cannabis?

Search engine optimization for marijuana, also known as SEO for cannabis, is essential for those operating in the cannabis space. We create content for our audience first, and the search engines second. But other factors come into play.

If you own a CBD company, in particular, it’s best to get your search engine optimization on point. While extensive keyword research or paying for cannabis SEO services might seem excessive, cannabis companies benefit from these efforts immensely.

Cannabis marketing isn’t so cut and dry.

The industry is discriminated against by Google and other search engines, meaning cannabis-related companies must focus their cannabis marketing efforts on obtaining organic traffic with target keywords.

At this point, cannabis and CBD are in the same boat.

So cannabis brands must incorporate a proven SEO search engine optimization strategy to market their business online.

A cannabis website is not able to use pay-per-click to target relevant keywords, which means if you want to appear on search engine results pages, you’ll need a keyword strategy, content, backlinks, and on-site optimization to boost your online presence.

Cannabis search engine optimization is the long-term play that can get a marijuana business in front of its target audience – without Google ads.

Here are some tips we implement on behalf of our cannabis industry clients, and if you choose, you can do it for yourself too.

extensive keyword research for the cannabis industry google analytics

1. Check Your Website Data Before Implementing a Marijuana SEO Content Strategy

When you start creating a cannabis SEO content strategy, it’s essential to check your website data. This will show you what you should focus your SEO strategy on.

Check the number of unique users coming to your site organically. Also, see which pages are performing the best. It’s crucial to check and the keywords consumers look for to find your page and the search volume of keywords you’re considering targeting.

All of this is achievable with a Google Analytics account. So if you don’t have it hooked up to your site, this is the first step.

For those who are new to Google Analytics, use this link to get started.

Analyze which blog posts are performing the best. These will likely be your authoritative. For CBD companies, this usually includes informative articles showcasing facts regarding CBD oil, various strains of cannabis, and even the history of the cannabis plant.

Check what makes these pieces of content similar. These are some common variables you’ll notice in the content of top-performing marijuana SEO efforts:

  • The Quality. The content should offer value.
  • The Length. Longer content usually does better.
  • Images & Media. Optimized images and media are part of a proven SEO strategy.
  • Backlinks. Cannabis backlinks are crucial for any off-site marijuana SEO campaign.

Keep your content up-to-date as well. While it’s crucial to look over your organic search traffic for your cannabis SEO strategy, it’s ideal to continue posting content throughout the month.

Try using one of these content calendars to plan out cannabis content topics and bounce around some ideas.

cannabis seo services for search intent and social media marijuana marketing

2. Understand Your Audience to Create Cannabis SEO Content

Consider how consumers will look for your content. For instance, if you’re working on CBD SEO, it’s beneficial to know if your customers are searching for CBD lotions and creams rather than CBD bath bombs. But if you are working on your dispensary’s local SEO, you’ll need to know how your city or area name pairs with your target keywords.

For example, our SEO agency works with a CBD shop in Las Vegas. Some keywords we target are CBD Las Vegas, CBD Nevada, Nevada cannabidiol, etc.

You’ll need to conduct keyword research for local SEO purposes, as well. If you’re just getting started and don’t want to hire an SEO agency to handle your SEO campaign, we recommend using several free tools.

Ahrefs is an excellent paid tool to get data on organic search results. However, free tools exist.

Here’s a list of the top free keyword tools you can use to help your efforts without an SEO agency:

  1. Google Trends
  2. Keyword Shitter
  3. AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator
  4. Answer The Public
  5. Google Correlate
  6. Keywords Everywhere
  7. Wordtracker Scout
  8. Google Search Console
  9. Suggestion Keyword Finder
  10. Google

These are some highly useful tools for finding your ideal high-traffic keywords and LSI keywords. The tools should make SEO for cannabis data-driven, which will help your cannabis business bring online and local customers, depending on who you’re targeting.

Even though keyword research helps with cannabis SEO and marijuana content marketing, implementing this data is another ball game.

Your cannabis SEO strategy demands keywords, but cannabis-related keywords alone aren’t the end-all-be-all.

Long-tail or LSI keywords include everything consumers are typing in the search engines.

This is especially true since the implementation of smartphones and “voice search.” Consider which devices people will use to find your cannabusiness.

proven marijuana seo strategy target audience

3. Optimize Your Cannabis SEO Content for Mobile Devices

Mobile responsive websites are essential for cannabis SEO. Make sure you include this in your strategy.

Many cannabis consumers are glued to their smartphones. This being the case, optimize with these users in mind.

When creating an effective marijuana SEO plan, keep what people search for in mind. This means knowing the search habits are different in comparison to desktop or laptop users.

With more search traffic coming from mobile devices, we usually target mobile users to get the word out about a cannabis company.

Google’s mobile indexing targets mobile-responsive websites initially. Meaning if your website is mobile-friendly, it’ll show when consumers search from their smartphones.

Keep in mind that more than half of the pages Google shows in its searches globally are the result of Google’s mobile indexing.

Since so many people are searching for information via their smartphones, mobile optimization for CBD companies, dispensaries, cultivators, and other sectors of the cannabis industry help with rankings.

google my business dispensary local seo marijuana

4. Put Together a Google My Business Profile

Google My Business profile helps brands gain exposure by indexing the cannabis business’s name, address, and phone number with Google.

This ensures your business will appear on Google Maps as well.

So when cannabis consumers are looking for a business to fit their needs, your business gets found locally.

marijuana cbd cannabis social media marketing

5. Use Social Media Marketing to Improve Cannabis SEO

Social media is a valuable tool you should be using to distribute your cannabis SEO content.

These platforms offer ways for cannabis companies to reach audiences organically, so they should be a part of your cannabis SEO strategy.

How does social media help with cannabis SEO?

Websites with more shares and engagement on social media platforms gain Google’s trust.

With this in mind, you’ll positively impact your website’s search engine ranking as your optimized content receives more engagement.

This encourages Google to index your pages, as well.

In turn, you can expect your pages to get indexed and ranked faster as your cannabis content receives more attention.

Google notices “social signals” whenever your CBD content or infographics are shared.

These signals show Google that your cannabis brand is being discussed, and these conversations are trusted recommendations in Google’s eyes.

While social signals aren’t the official way Google ranks sites, they can help improve search rankings over time.

Share relevant content on social media and observe how this impacts your rankings over time.

Video Credit

6. Use Video Content to Improve Marijuana SEO

Not surprisingly, a cannabis SEO content marketing plan including video content is impressively effective.

Why is video content so beneficial?

Videos are highly engaging, meaning they can help you outrank competitors when they’re used in your cannabis SEO content strategy.

Communicating your products and services to cannabis consumers makes your content easier to digest.

Rather than merely posting an informative article, you’re providing streamlined communication of information.

As you work on your cannabis marketing, make sure to include some video content. It’s also great for sharing on social media platforms.

While consumers can likely watch a minute-long video clip, pairing it with an informative article is even more effective.

As you’re posting your video content, use these cannabis SEO tips to optimize it fully:

  • Use relevant keywords in the titles and descriptions of your videos.
  • Use high-quality video graphics and images.
  • Use video content with your text content.

marijuana dispensaries blogging local seo target keywords cannabis brand

7. Post to Your Blog Consistently to Boost Cannabis SEO

Blog articles for your cannabis website are a sure-fire way to promote your website. The key here is to provide your audience with value.

What will cannabis blog content do for my site?

With quality cannabis content writing, you’ll establish authority, become more relevant, and provide value to your audience.

Your web traffic will spend more time on your page, resulting in plenty of Google love.

Authority, trust, and relevance are essential for getting ranked by Google. So if you’re looking to get on the first page, building your blog out with high-quality content is essential.

Brand awareness increases with quality content as your audience shares the value with friends.

Also, make sure to continue posting because Google isn’t a fan of inactive blogs!

marijuana seo services dispensary seo services

8. Increase Engagement With Cannabis Email Marketing

It should come as no surprise that Google loves when a website has plenty of engagement.

With this in mind, it’s crucial to promote engagement whenever working on your cannabis business marketing.

You need to bring eyes to your content so people can engage with it. Here’s where email marketing will help.

You’ll connect with new and existing customers with your email marketing experts. A weekly or monthly newsletter will help.

Then, you’ll draw more eyes to each of your posts with each email.

Email marketing is beneficial for marijuana companies looking to boost their SEO. This is one of the best ways to get some initial views.

As long as you’re distributing quality content, you’ll find emailing your audience each time you post is going to help your website’s SEO efforts.

Cold emailing can also work wonders in this industry.

If you’re a cannabis or CBD retailer, you’d come up with a list of targeted emails to send valuable content to.

For example, if you’re a CBD oil wholesaler, you might hire a Virtual Assistant to compile a list of email addresses to the decision-makers at headshops across the U.S.

Then, you’d begin crafting content that would add value while letting these individuals know your business exists.

With email being nearly 40 times as effective as Facebook and Twitter together, it’s an excellent option.

How are you optimizing for Google?

Google will eventually learn to appreciate the cannabis niche. When that happens, you’ll want your website already full of authoritative cannabis SEO content to ensure you get the best price on paid advertising.

At No Strings Content, we create and implement content marketing strategies, including on-page, off-page, and local SEO. We’re building valuable links that drive our clients’ authority and rank on search engines month after month, and we’ll do the same for you.

Book your free consultation to learn more about how authoritative content marketing and SEO will help you dominate this competitive space – no strings attached.

Louis Levey

Louis Levey

Louis Levey is the Content Success Manager and Founder at No Strings Content. He's passionate about helping businesses use content to attract, educate, and convert audiences. His hometown is Boca Raton, Florida, but he currently lives and works remotely in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


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