5 CBD Network Marketing Opportunities You Won’t Want to Sleep On

You already know about affiliate marketing, but what about the CBD network marketing opportunities?

5 CBD Network Marketing Opportunities You Won't Want to Sleep On

CBD network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM), isn’t the same as a pyramid scheme. These networks involve a direct sales company encouraging its existing distributors to sell their product line.

Each time you recruit another distributor that makes a sale, you earn a percentage of that sale. However, you don’t earn anything if your recruits don’t make sales.

CBD network marketing offers a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a rapidly growing industry.

Here are some CBD network marketing opportunities worth exploring:

Best MLM Companies 2022

1. Kannaway

Kannaway is possibly the longest-running CBD oil CBD network marketing operation that’s on this list. It was founded in 2009, when CBD was still in its early stages, back when the CBD industry was in its infancy. Some sources claim the company’s MLM operations actually began closer to 2014.

They’re specialists in all-natural European hemp products that are suitable for everyday use. They classify the products they sell as supplements. Since they are a widely-recognized CBD network marketing company, Kannaway stands ahead of its competition through:

This allows you (and the customers you serve) access a vast selection of CBD products, including CBD oil and tinctures, salves and capsules, gummies, vape products, and others.

Many of their cannabis-infused products are more expensive when contrasted with traditional CBD oils, like their skincare line, nutritional powders, and essential oils. Although some might consider their products to be costly, many people consider them worthwhile investments given the confidence and trust that come with their name. With a reasonable commission rate (compared to other affiliate marketing programs available), Kannaway represents one of the best CBD network opportunities.

You can purchase Kannaway products for resale from the company or even create an online store (copied by many other brand Ambassadors) serving as an online franchisee for them. Earnings depend on the plan you sign up for when you’re enrolled in the business and when you sell your first item. Brand ambassadors are divided into different levels, with benefits and conditions varying for each grade.

2. Hempworx / My Daily Choice

My Daily Choice (often abbreviated to MDC) is also an MLM CBD veteran, believing that people’s everyday choices determine their life. The decision to experiment with CBD can lead to better health and other possible advantages of CBD.

Their main products are CBD spray, supplements (also acting in the form of vitamin supplements), CBD for pets, and the CBD oil line that goes by the name of ‘Hempworx.’ The products they offer are created from all-natural ingredients to create the highest quality product. However, My Daily Choice is an excellent option if you’re searching for moderately priced CBD network marketing opportunities.

With decades of experience to their name, there is a chance to join MDC’s staff of marketers, consultants, and industry experts to advance the CBD field at your own pace and benefit from your years of experience.

My Daily Choice has carefully developed its affiliate program to offer you the highest chances of success when you join them – regardless of whether you’re familiar with the realm of multi-level marketing. Your experience isn’t in the success of your network marketing experience but in your commitment to the program and your ability to utilize the tools of their business and marketing tools to the very best of your ability.

Like Kannaway, their CBD network marketing program is ranked with commissions increasing gradually. You can earn as much as 50% of every successful sale. While moving up through the ranks isn’t an easy task, it’s certainly worth it for those who are prepared to commit their time to the CBD network marketing process.

3. Isodiol

Isodiol’s CBD network marketing strategy is relatively expansive. It has its headquarters in Vancouver with offices throughout the United States and distribution to Canada as well as Mexico, Canada US, the UK, and Mexico. This is one of the ideal opportunities for people looking to join a business that leverages its vast reach to provide the best possible service for its clients.

With more than 20 years of experience in the CBD industry, Isodiol shows nothing less than competence when it comes to commercial CBD. They specialize in CBD isolate (in crystal or powdered form) derived from the highest quality hemp.

4. Dose of Nature or Thinqnano

Dose of Nature is a US-based business with its roots in Utah. Their products are regarded as highly potent and could be medical grade in some instances.

Most of the products are water-soluble, allowing for quick absorption. They also have potential hydrating effects through nanotechnology. It means that a lesser dosage of their products could yield the same results as more robust products. This is a major benefit for them to sell because it means that their products save your customers’ money!

With its core values of the environment and efficiency, Dose Of Nature’s direct sales program is an excellent option for those who have online customers interested in environmental concerns and sustainability as well as enhancing their health and wellbeing through CBD.

5. Prime My Body

Prime My Body focuses on health, wellness, and living a clean lifestyle. Much like Dose of Nature, they use nanotechnology to facilitate absorption and high-quality hemp-based supplements. The best part about their brand is that their products are free of GMOs, soy, cGMP, and gluten.

The range of their products is vast, including CBD pet products, moisturizing skincare products, and many more that will suit their affiliates.

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