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What is Content Writing & How Will it Grow My Business?


What is Content Writing & How Will it Grow My Business?

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Content writing is something every business owner should know. It’s writing with a purpose, a way to reach new audiences, and using it will grow your business.

Launching a company blog and investing in content writing is a surefire way to gain traffic. But how? By providing value to your audience, of course. Over time, this offered value results in business growth.

Read on to find out what you should know about content writing as a business owner.

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Content Writing as a Business Owner

You might have a blog for your business already; you might not. Whether you do or you don't, you should know what goes into writing quality content.

Content fuels the world and everyone consumes it daily. And the majority of digital content?

You'll find it on blogs.

Most business owners focus on reading rather than content writing. That’s why it’s always good to have a reliable monthly content writing service on crafting your blogs.

A content writing service will take care of your business’s blog writing needs. In turn, you’re free to focus on growing and sustaining your business.

But what makes this writing so important?

B2B companies with blogs generate 67% more leads every month.

Blogs take information to the next level. These articles are sharable valuable content created for your audience. The writing is in an easy-to-read and engaging format as well, keeping visitors on your site longer.

So let’s go over what content writing is and how the right words will help to grow your business.

Defining Content Writing

Simply put, this kind of writing is highly focused text with a purpose. As the digital world expands, the market demand for digital content writing grows as well.

Digital writing is the foundation on which entrepreneurs build their web marketing campaigns. They emphasize engaging online writing, begging for eyes. Ultimately, how you’ll use your content writing is up to you.

But that’s not why you came here. You want to know what makes having written content so valuable to businesses. We get it. The nitty gritty doesn’t concern you.

You want to know the secret behind the results of content marketing.

Well, content marketing is a phenomenal tool in the realm of digital marketing. It allows you to give something to your audience. You’re providing value with the information you give your audience. And in exchange, you'll receive more leads for your efforts.

How do we know this works? Businesses with websites containing between 401 and 1,000 web pages receive six times as many leads as businesses with 51 to 100 pages. Thanks for the statistic, HubSpot!

More articles result in more leads. It’s simple. The more value you provide, the more appealing you become to your online audience. You become an authority in your niche with targeted content writing.

When Google views you as an authority in your field - you’ll be living large!

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Growing a Business With Content Writing

Content writing will grow your business. There are various forms of content writing your audience will appreciate. With written content in mind, focusing on a few different styles can attract new customers.

The following are some of the content writing styles you can use to grow your business.

Blog Articles

websites with blogs have 434% more pages indexed. Blog articles focus on any topic relating to your business.

Ideally, the articles should focus on topics to provide value to your audience. In turn, this value will mold your reputation as an authority.

Becoming an authority in your niche is essential both to consumers and Google. Consumers need to see your business as an authority so they can trust it. It's even better when Google’s views your company as an authority.

The result?

Your site has a better chance of ranking for keywords you’re targeting.

All in all, the right focus for your business’s blog articles will go a long way in growing your business.

Guest Post Content Writing

Writing a guest post for another site is a great way to grow your business. These posts are how you’ll get traffic from other sites.

When you craft a guest post, you’re providing value to the audience on a high-traffic site. Placing a backlink pointing back at your site will result in new user visits. But you can also gain some authority if the other site is an authority in your niche.

E-Book Writing

Writing an ebook might sound like a lot of work, but it’s a fantastic way to promote lead generation. It’s a lead magnet and motivates customers to take some action.

You might want new visitors to provide an email address or sign up for a free trial. Whatever your goal is, you’ll find an ebook properly motivates people to do what you want them to do.

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How to Boost Engagement With Content Writing

According to Forbes, engagement brings forth brand familiarity and loyalty and enhances a business’s visibility. Content writing gives readers content they can engage.

Great writing will help your company build a brand community. In turn, this drives more purchases in the future.

When users engage with your content writing, it becomes more visible. As a result, more people find your content as it gains attention and sparks conversations. The visibility advantage is why a primary goal of quality content writing is to boost engagement.

It’s simple. Effective content results in more engagement. More engagement means more eyes on your content. And those eyes become paying customers.

Forbes touches upon several ways to boost engagement. Some are better than others, but they’re all effective methods. Here are some of Forbe’s strategies for encouraging content engagement:

  • Controversial writing. As a content writer, stirring up controversy can be a good thing. You don’t want to offend people. Instead, find some topics with multiple sides of an argument. Take one side in your writing and encourage people to give their opinions. The push you give should strike up a conversation, pushing people to discuss the issue. Thus, driving your post’s engagement through the roof.
  • Shocking content writing. Surprising people with content writing works to gain engagement. A remarkable post is more visible and attracts attention. Extraordinary posts compel readers to "like" and share them. These posts have the chance to go viral as well. The viral nature of a blog post is, of course, because people like to spread surprising content writing.
  • Requesting audience opinions. When you ask your audience a question, it welcomes engagement with open arms. A lot of effective blog articles ask for audience opinion at the end. Other blog articles start out with a question. These questions are debatable. They should focus on something that will produce strong feelings among your readers. When readers are passionate about an issue, they're more likely to engage with it.
  • Reward your audience for reading your content writing. Providing some incentive shows readers how much you appreciate their engagement. You’ll choose the reward, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. It's as simple as making a post on your business’s social media account to thank a specific reader for sharing your content writing.
  • Boosting engagement is important when you invest in content writing. Engaging with an audience is a significant part of any content strategy. While you might not see instant results, you will see positive boosts in engagement over time.

The Conclusion on Content Writing

While content writing is a lot of work, it's worth the investment. The right content writing strategy will bring new visitors to your site. And an effective content writer will grow any business.

Content writing provides your audience with value and increases engagement. In turn, it expands upon your business’s visibility, and growth is inevitable.

Have your content writing focus on creating value for your readers, and the rest will come in time.