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Survey Shows Half of 50+ Small Business Owners Agree With Trump’s National Emergency Declaration


Survey Shows Half Of 50+ Small Business Owners Agree With Trump’s National Emergency Declaration

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According to BizBuySell’s survey regarding small business owner sentiment, Trump’s national emergency declaration actually has quite a lot of support.

But plenty of people disagree with him as well.

Looking at the data in accord with age, there’s more support from business owners over 50.

The BizBuySell survey shows it’s more of a statistical tie.

But with 45% agreeing and 41% disagreeing with Trump’s declaration, the country remains divided in its opinions.

Business owners under the age of 50 show a lower rate of agreeing with the president’s declaration at just 37%.

But with 48% of these small business owners disagreeing, is the president wrong for declaring a national emergency?

So what’s the issue?

We’ve all heard the “build the wall” chants and shouts of racism and bigotry.

But as migrants come to the U.S. through Central America, some small business owners find themselves worried about illegal immigration.

Other business operators don’t have a care in the world regarding immigration policies — and this should be anything but surprising.

The policies don’t impact everyone.

And while humanitarian efforts are always commendable, ethics will always vary amongst the masses.

But even though many industries rely on migrant workers, illegal immigration isn’t a sustainable way to bring in the labor.

Regardless of the ethics and morals of society, the sustainability factor comes into play, and the country needs an appropriate model to make legal immigration work effectively.

In essence, there’s a problem.

Whether you believe the problem is illegal immigration, the policies regarding legal immigration, or something else, something must be done.

What about the small business owners immigration restrictions don’t impact?

Well, BizBuySell’s survey shows that most (58%) of small business owners wouldn’t feel adverse effects from stricter immigration policies.

But even with this being the case, the number of respondents saying the stricter immigration policies would result in a negative or positive impact (21% & 21%) were equal.

After surveying over 1,000 small business owners throughout the U.S., this BizBuySell survey provides some insight regarding the issues and how people feel the national declaration of emergency will impact business.

So what do you think?

Do you believe Trump’s national emergency declaration is necessary?

How will stricter immigration policies impact your business?