What is a CBD Email Marketing Funnel?

Every CBD email marketer understands the importance of growing their email lists and turning subscribers into customers. This is why it’s crucial to concentrate on developing an effective sale funnel that will yield the highest results.

This post will offer insight into designing the perfect sales funnel for your CBD email marketing by walking you through each step of creating an email marketing funnel.

Once someone subscribes, there are various ways to take them from the subscriber stage to the next, including social media, analyzing the subscriber, and creating campaigns. But marketing through email is still a powerful tool to promote B2B and B2C conversions.

73 percent of marketers consider email marketing to be their preferred strategy for conversions. This trend in digital marketers is expected to reach 319.6 billion email messages per day in 2021. And it should come as no surprise that CBD email marketing funnel designs have the potential to increase conversion rates and repeat purchases substantially.

Do you find CBD email marketing funnel creation difficult to understand? Don’t worry! We’re here to help you unravel all the confusion with some guidance you can implement on your own.

What is a CBD Email Marketing Funnel?

Before we begin designing a CBD email marketing funnel, it’s important to fully understand what an email marketing funnel actually is. It’s a representation of the prospect’s journey from prospect to buyer, which eventually leads them to become an advocate.

Why is an email funnel for marketing necessary?

Oberlo published a set of figures that illustrate the significance of email in our everyday lives. According to this report,

  • It’s estimated that there will be 3.7 billion users of email in the present
  • It’s the initial online “check” of 58% of email users’ days.
  • Nearly 91% of users who use email as a communication channel do so at least once daily
  • 44% of users use email to find an offer from a business they’re familiar with
  • A majority of customers make a purchase due to an advertisement they receive through emails
  • Marketing via email has the potential to earn a return of around 3800%. This means that for every $1 invested, marketers can get an average of $38 as a return on the investment.

There’s no reason not to consider this element of CBD marketing. The numbers can vary from industry to industry, but this doesn’t change the significance of creating an email marketing funnel for CBD sales.

In order to create a CBD email marketing funnel, you must be aware of the performance of your email. If you’re able to track the data regarding your results, it’s then that you’re able to optimize your strategy.

The more efficient your email marketing channel is designed, the greater profits you’ll earn. However, you can do more with CBD email marketing than simply distributing bulk deals and discounts. There’s no limit to what you can do in this case.

CBD Email Marketing Sales Funnel Design

A sales funnel for marketing via email comprises a sequence of messages designed to get to the desired position within the journey of a customer. To better explain, it can be described as the sequence of emails that a marketer sends to drive customers forward along the customer journey.

Customers need a bit of encouragement to progress through the email marketing funnel stages. It’s possible to educate the customer further, assist to make a decision, or follow up with them via email to build a solid relationship.

The three main steps you need to complete when turning an uninitiated person into a client are outlined below.

Add Value

When you begin to send emails to prospects, the first step is to give them some value.

This will introduce your brand name to potential customers and establish yourself as a trustworthy, authoritative source of CBD information and products.

A value-added email could include any type of pdf file whitepaper, educational resource, a giveaway, and other forms of value.

Beginning to sell to people in the first email could scare the potential customer away. Start small and work by providing value. This is how you’ll build trust with your prospect.

Keep in mind that the initial email messages must always be easy. We usually like to start with a welcome email and a coupon code for a discount.

Build Authority

You’ve given value to your prospects, but you need to take it an extra step. Next, you’ll establish yourself as an expert in the CBD space.

Impress them by presenting your products as the solution to their issue. But do so in a way that’s compliant, of course. You can guide your potential customer to eventually make a purchase. But this step should focus on leaving a good impression of your brand.

Making your emails misleading at the start could drive your customers away. This is because you still haven’t convinced your potential customer to buy from you. Make them feel special by sending them specific emails unique to their needs.

Your prospects should be divided into lists according to their interests and personality. This way, you can send customized emails. Ultimately, this will lead them to buy.

Sales Pitch

After you’ve established yourself as an authority in CBD, you’ve created a lasting impression on the minds of your potential customers. This is where you encourage them to visit your website for more information about your products.

Make a clear appeal to your potential customers and encourage them to purchase your product. Offer them discounts, or talk about the benefits and features, before introducing a call-to-action (CTA).

Don’t forget, you don’t always have to be salesy to sell. However, at this point, being a salesperson isn’t a bad thing. Choose your style of guiding customers to make a purchase and stick with it.

You could also include reviews of your products, FAQs, specifics about your products, or anything else that may assist the potential buyer in making a choice. The key here is to do so while remaining compliant with all regulations surrounding CBD marketing.

Making a CBD Email Marketing Funnel

The creation of a CBD email marketing sales funnel isn’t a simple task. There are numerous email automation tools on the market to aid in making the process simpler.

We hope that this article has been insightful. Feel free to implement a CBD email marketing funnel on your own. But if you need assistance, our team is always eager to help!

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